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What would you do…

3 Sep

if you won a billion dollars?

Well…I would buy Scott Bakula and that other guy from Quantum Leap, I’d pay them to do live action version of the show every couple weeks…but they’d do it in public and the original writer would script it in different episodes that last a couple days each and their missions would just happen to end up needing to revolve around my day to day life…but I would only be an observer, not be part of it at all. Of yeah. Definitely.

Neither of you are working now, right?

Why is it…

3 Sep

that when I’m full my random mean thoughts quiet down?

I want…

3 Sep

to become a rapper and my name be “G.O.B.”. Because I relate best to grumpy old bastards.


Miscellaneous warning about ugly jewelry:

3 Sep

Big ugly charms on string around your neck. It better be either mystical in origin or have been passed down by some ancestor of yours who you have some interesting personality connection with. Otherwise, no excuses, remove immediatly!


Adam Sandler:

3 Sep

YOU know what I’m thinking.

Tisk Tisk, Adam Sandler.

Everyone else thinks so too.

Cute, young, blonde female tennis players:

3 Sep

Sorry…but no one cares anymore.

Nope.Sorry. :(

Who is this guy?

3 Sep

Anyone have any idea?

Mysterious huge floating head guy: Who are you?

I thought he might be that teacher from “Legally Blonde”. You know…the sleaze ball guy.

It NEEDS to be done…

3 Sep

Chocolate dipped sour patch kids. I know…I’m on it.

This is what God looks like.