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Jem and the Holograms cels…

5 Sep

are nearly impossible to find. I am a cel collector and have had no luck for the last few years. This post is dedicated to the Toei Doga Animation Studio and Hasbro.

Who the fuck owns these?? NOT ME!!!


Hasbro reps. : Please email me for my mailing address so you can send me some.


Dita Von Teese…

5 Sep

I love what you’ve done. Smart girl.

Can I hate and love you at the same time?

P.S. I hate you.


Baby head tattoos…WTF!

5 Sep

Who in their right mind wants a baby’s fat face permanently drawn on their body?!

Aaaaaah! Some alien thing is coming out of your leg!! Oh's just another hideous baby tattoo.

Where the hell is this tattoo on that person’s body??

My guess is leg or back of head. So very classy.

Why so grumpy, Lori Petty?

5 Sep

We all know and love Lori Petty. But lately she seems to not be as lively as we all remember. (Ever seen her at a convention? Geez. I never knew a celeb could be so very depressed at a con.)

As I type this I’m listening to the album of the film that taught me I can be a kick ass chick and still be spicy and funny. (Tank Girl!!)

If you didn’t teach all of us young ladies of the 90’s that particular lesson we might have turned out like the girls we all love to hate. (e.g. Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian types.)

So behalf of all of us tank girls, I say this: “Get off your ASS and get shit taken care of!!!! You’re fucking LORI PETTY!!!”

Now go and kick down a few studios’ doors and MAKE them give you a role GOD DAMMIT!!


Not a happy camper.   :(

Eyebrow Rant

5 Sep

Women who pluck their eyebrows soo thin they have to pencil them in.

Bushy eyebrows. –>Pluck every once in a while.

Random loose eye brow hairs. If you bothered to pluck last week you should be able to maintain them this week.

Nice pencil work doofus.

Nice pencil work doofus.

Looks soo real! (I hope she doesn't read this and come after me and shave off my eyebrows too.)

Looks soo real! (I hope she doesn't read this and come after me and shave off my eyebrows too.)