Clothing store or discotheque?

7 Sep

To continue my bitching about A.F. …

The store in NYC looks like an average clothing store on the outside. Except for the male models who hang out and take pics with the hot and flustered 13 year-olds who are about to shop inside for some clothes with their spray-tanned mothers.

Once you walk past the kids posing with models you step into the store and realize there is barely any lighting within. It is like a dance club or even a haunted house. The music is loud as hell too. Not being hip enough to recognize the song or artist I quickly realized today that I’m not getting younger. Damn that was fast.

Once you reach the jeans area, you notice that the jeans are in some kind of glass a and wood display case. Much like sea food is displayed at your local grocery store. Hehehehe…Fishy jeans. Eww.

The stairs within the store are apparently its main source of light. These stairs are lit from underneath with glass steps and metal framing.

Let’s not forget that most of the employees there look like models too.

I think A.F. execs. should decide to serve alcoholic drinks within the stores. They have models, mood lighting and loud hip music and the place is filled with skinny young kids and their wealthy mothers. Why not add a cocktail bar?

“I’ll take a Madison dark wash size 12 and, a Appletini, please.”

One Response to “Clothing store or discotheque?”

  1. mina September 8, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    amen, sister, amen!

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