“Working Man” TV Shows…

7 Sep

like Rescue Me piss me off to no end. Much of that show and shows like it are about (or at least promote) men treating women like shit, and getting respect from other men for it. Because (based on those shows) if you treat a woman like she’s just a piece of ass she will give you ass.

See clip—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq9Dgf42uPE

They also teach men that just because they have an outdoor type job they are macho and deserve extra credit. If that is the case than Smokey the Bear must be rolling in pussy.

Rustic macho outdoor type seeks hot ladies to be talked down to.

Rustic macho outdoor type seeks hot ladies to be talked down to.

Not only that but these prick self-righteous assholes have these women all over them who take shit from them and look like a million bucks. Working man’s fantasy come true!

It’s like the shows promote all the shit I hate about the male sex.

But Dennis Leary is funny.

My “How This Programming Came About” Theory:

Did some redneck meet a TV exec. at a bar and say, “Hey you, girlie boy! You’re not a real man. You’re a suit. You got to scratch your balls then smell your hand like this. That’s what a MAN does.” Then the exec. tries it once to test his inner cavemanness, enjoys himself and feels all Fight Clubish. And thinks, “…yeah I’M A MAN! I should be able to chug beer until I puke and don’t clean it up, and pinch waitress’ asses, and call a woman who won’t let me sleep with her a bitch to her face.”

Then the exec. decides he will make millions if he produces a show that shows men that it’s ok to be a prick and they should be proud to scratch and sniff their balls in public. So he tells the other execs. and they connect the success of Fight Club (FYI- I’m a big F.C. fan.) and other machismo entertainment and decide to back it. Then this stream of programming began. Billions of working men, suits who want to be working men, and others praise the new kind of programing telling them it’s ok to be how they want  and want what they want.

Turning back to that original exec. who met the redneck —–>The exec. who once scratched and sniffed is now sitting out on the beach outside his mansion in Palm Beach drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri starring at his newly manicured hands and thinking, “Thank you, stupid redneck. I hope you’re enjoying your Bud Lite and taco in your trailer.”

3 Responses to ““Working Man” TV Shows…”

  1. terry September 7, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    Love the personal for Smokey

    What is so weird is Dennis Leary always comes off as a Wife is Brillant and beautiful and I don’t deserve her guy in interviews – so why not play a more enlightened/evovled guy? Cause Dennis has to pay the rent too.
    And as bad as he’s being – he funny

    • nicegirlmeanthoughts September 8, 2009 at 12:00 am #

      Don’t get me wrong. I respect the Dennis. And I know actors have to do what they have to do escecially if it means a prime time type TV show. I just mean… wait… what did I mean?

      Oh yeah! The guys (characters) on the show are thought of as cool look up to types by real guys (who are dick types anyway) who think the way they act on the show is good to do in real life.

      I’ve confused myself.

      Ask my boyfriend. He’ll explain what I mean. LOL.

  2. mina September 8, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    love Smokey … “remember only YOU can prevent forest fires … now get me a beer!”

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