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Perez Hilton…

8 Sep

was on the Tyra Show today and I noticed he looked like a freaking reverse oompa loompa or even a leprechaun. (No offence oopmas and leprchs.)

Temp Jobs…

8 Sep

can suck or rule. There is not of an in-between. Today I worked a suck one.

So I was told by my agency to show up at an address at Park Ave. and bring my cell and charger, and prepare to make many calls.

I showed up to the address and brought the phone and charger. I told the doorman I was there for Mrs. Blahblahblah from BlahBlah Agency. He called up to her and she told him to send me up.

She was waiting for me outside the apt. door and welcomed me in. She looked like a nice 40 something business type. The apartment was very bare and very clean. Looked like they had JUST moved in to.

She offered me a water or soda, I decline. Then she told me another lady from the same agency would be there in a few.

So far it seems like a set up from a soft porno. But I assure you, it did not turn out that way. I don’t get paid THAT much.

I waited in the living room while the woman and her husband were running around the apt. chasing their 2 very young kids while they discussed schools and applications and things.

Finally the other lady came and the wife and husband described the job to us.

Apparently the couple were looking to put their kindergarten age daughter into school. Nice fancy rich people who live on Park Avenue school.

Our mission: To call one phone number to one certain 92nd Street school until we got through and were able to schedule an appointment for a tour and application.

One phone number, 5 phones, 4 people calling that one number.

It took 2 hours to finally get through.

Well actually… it took 2 hours for ME to get through. No one else got to a human on the phone.

So I scheduled the tour and the lady and her hubby thanked us and told us to leave.

WTF…rich people are weird.

The End.