Actors who appear…

11 Sep

to wear eyeliner.

Let’s make a list.

Ray Liotta: Not quite as good since “Goodfellas”. Sorry 😦

Jeff Goldblum: Loved you in almost everything. But, why the hell did you and Geena Davis break up?!! You were the perfect cool Hollywood couple. You would have had great Amazon warrior looking kids.

Nester Carbonell: Is he immortal or what? Someone else who watches “Lost”, please tell me.

Mario Cantone: Will be forever known as that other gay guy in “Sex and the City”.

One Response to “Actors who appear…”

  1. Xen September 11, 2009 at 2:48 pm #

    I still associate Mario Cantone with some children’s show I watched in the 80s. Even before I knew what gay was, I knew he was it.

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