Korean BBQ…

16 Sep

is the best thing human’s have ever created, with no exception.

When ordering this delightful godsend you are  basicly choosing chicken, shrimp and/or beef for the main dish to BBQ.

The tables in these magnificent restaurants have a hole in the middle where the BBQ is BBQ’d. There’s a grill there and either charcoal or a gas fire is set in this hole (in your table).

Then before your main dish is brought out to cook at your table, you get about 10-20 plates of mini-dishes. This things can be eaten separately or BBQ’d or eaten with a mouthful of your favorite BBQ’d dish.

These mini-dishes range from spicy lettuce stuff to octopus to bok choy to other stuff I can’t spell/pronounce. But it all tastes GREAT!!!

Heaven is real, and it's at a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Thanks to Nina for taking me to Heaven in Queens!!

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