Gym memberships we never use.

20 Sep

We all do it. You can’t lie to me. Well you can, but I’m not there so than I guess you really can’t.


At some point in our lives we get memberships or subscribe to things that we honestly never use. My perfectly intact, good as new, dust-ridden membership card (that is sitting at the bottom of some drawer somewhere in space) is for a gym.

About a year ago I passed by a gym with a great deal and since I had just left my old expensive gym I decided to transfer to a new cheap gym, that I would also never really go to.

I did this and have gone about 20 times…IN A YEAR.

I’m not grotesquely overweight. But a few trips a week would do no harm. Why don’t I go? Well only a naturally fit person would ask that question and to them I say, “Don’t talk to me, you with the good genes.”

Us normal people want to keep our rarely used memberships and tell ourselves that we’ll go tomorrow. Because tomorrow is a new day, the day to start going to the gym.

I feel you.

You know what? After all this thinking and writing, I think I’m going to start going again. Get back on the treadmill and get into shape.

Then again…I do have errands and I wanted to watch that movie. NONONONO! I’ll go. I will. I swear. Well…maybe. If I wake up on time. (Note to self: Don’t set alarm.)

One Response to “Gym memberships we never use.”

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