Celebs who creepily look alike #2:

8 Dec

Jessica Harper (Shock Treatment/Boys)


Frances O’Connor (A.I/Bedazzled)

This instance is especially creepy because I suspect the two women are actually one woman. This Jessica/Frances woman seems to have taken the “Death Becomes Her” potion (See below):

It is my assumption that Frances will soon stop acting and wait another 10 years until she will emerge again as Agnes or Julia something. She can’t fool me!

2 Responses to “Celebs who creepily look alike #2:”

  1. Katie R January 4, 2019 at 7:00 am #

    I thought the exact same thing!! I recently watched The Phantom of the Paradise for the first time and thought the female lead looked exactly like the mother from A.I.. I know the timetable doesn’t work but I have never seen two actresses that look more alike in my life. I love your Death Becomes Her theory!

  2. Henry Chahin March 4, 2021 at 5:45 pm #

    If both actresses are in fact one and the same person, then maybe there is some correlation in that they both appeared in two different cinematic versions of the story of Faust as both appeared as the main love interest of the main protagonist. Jessica Harper played “Phoenix”, the love interest of William Finley’s “Winslow” (aka The Phantom), who sold his soul to The Devil (Swan) portrayed by Paul Williams. Frances O’Connor played “Alison”, the love interest of Brendan Fraser’s “Elliot”, who sold his soul to The Devil, played by Elizabeth Hurley.

    Maybe the actress who uses the pseudonyms Jessica Harper and Frances O’Connor is actually someone who sold HER soul to The Devil in exchange for the ability to retain her youthful look and beauty for the rest of her life.

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