The Cleanse: Day Two

5 Jan

Today is step 2: Juices!

I bought a juicer online…but it hasn’t arrived yet. So I decided to use a regular blender instead. This sort of worked. I’ll explain in a sec.

So I weighed myself after an AM shower and weighed 154. (Side note: The post from yesterday had my weight from the day before yesterday. Sorry. Yesterday I weighed in at 156. So that’s an average of 2 lbs. a day.

Today I woke up feeling fine. A bit dehydrated and a tiny headache, but not gross or anything. Began the day with my first shake/ smoothie thing.

It was a mix of 2 apples, 12 pitted cherries and 10 blueberries. It was very dense due to all the pulp mixed in with it. But I drank it all up over the course of a few hours. Tasted great but was thick as hell.

For late lunch I had a drink of 20 cherries, 1/4 watermelon and a handful of blueberries. I remembered that there was a strainer in the kitchen so I strained the smoothie mix post blending a few times and got a great JUICE out of it.

I plan to have one or two more tonight. There is still some fruit left in the house and I KNOW Mike won’t touch it so I should finish it up before the ALL DAY OJ DAY begins tomorrow. I have a slight headache again. It might be due to all the sugar in the fruit OR it’s my posture when I type on the comp sitting on my bed with my neck at a 45 degree angle. Oh well.

Also to let you know I AM hungry. Even though my stomach has “food” it knows I deserve better. Some chili cheese fries and a diet coke.


I did some stretches today and in a few minutes I will do my leg lifts and arm weights. Maybe tomorrow I will get the balls to do some situps. We shall see. The treadmill should arrive in a few days. Yahoo!

That’s the gist of the day. Is that how you spell gist? Weird. Anyhoo…

I will keep you updated and again if I see any of you enjoying solid food you better be able to run faster than me. (You probably will be able to since the cleanse does weaken you a bit.)

Note to self: But rollerblades.

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