The Cleanse: Day Three

6 Jan

Today was OJ and maple syrup day. I tried the syrup before adding it to the 2 liters of juice and OH MY GOD!! It’s the best thing in this universe. Maybe that’s exaggerating a little. But it’s pretty damn good.

I was tempted to just stand there and chug a few swigs before adding the 2 tbs to the OJ, but I resisted.

This morning I weighed in at 152.6. Geez, Louise!


I have felt great, no headaches, not terribly hungry. The OJ helps with that.

Regarding side effects of the cleanse:

You will develop weird gross stuff on your tongue. I have noticed it a bit already. It’s supposedly some of the toxins in you making their way out. Ewww.

The only cure is to brush your tongue and teeth often and after a few more days it will go away.

Last night I did have TERRIBLE acid. I’ve never really had it before. No wonder people bitch about it so much when they get it bad. It REALLY HURTS. I took an antacid and the problem went away. To avoid that tonight I will make sure to drink plenty of OJ right before bed.

I haven’t done my leg or arm workouts. I’ll do them as soon as I’m done typing this sucker out.

There are other obvious side effects but they are a bit personal. Let’s just say I can tell the cleanse is working.

So go and enjoy your yummy solid food and laugh at my trials of pain, torture and burger deprivation. I’ve got leg lifts to do while cursing at myself under my breath.

Outtie 5000,

Nice Girl

2 Responses to “The Cleanse: Day Three”

  1. onehorsefarms January 6, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    My tongue turned GHOSTLY white the first time I did a cleanse. The second time I did a cleanse it turned white again, but the tip was still bright pink so I knew I got rid of some of those toxins with round one!

    Your tongue is your meter of detoxifying. Look for the gradual turn to pink!

  2. detoxmoxy January 6, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    Let me know how you like your juicer. I may brave up to do the master cleanse, but now I am taking steps toward. No sugars no red meat no alcohol. Juicing is ammenable to such efforts so I guess I better acquire one.
    Mazel tov! to you on your journey.

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