Thank you Interscope for making domestic violence romantic again.

13 Aug

I was on trying to pretend I care about the news, and I came across this video article:

So check out the music video itself before you decide what you really think:


Are you also pissed as shit? I know all relationships are different. But I think it’s very fucked up to illustrate an abusive relationship as sexy and give it a happy cuddly ending. Ending exactly as it began. Though the ending does show that it will be a cycle of abuse until someone leaves for good. But still…hot sex during abuse…really? Really??

I’m pretty sure being beat about the face doesn’t make one hot. Maybe I’m just weird.

There is much more that can be said about this video. Like why would Rihanna, a known victim of abuse, be cool with illustrating that abuse is a cause and effect type of deal? If you yell at me I hit you and then you yell and I hit again. The fact is that in reality you don’t have to say anything to be hit. You can act as calm as a bunny on a Summer day and get beat to shit because your bunny partner is an abusive prick. Anyway…

Did the hobbit get the temporary tattoos put on for the video to make him look badass? Or did he get them post hobbit to show chicks he was a manly man?

One final thought: How many “wife beaters” aka ribbed tanks does Eminem own? He wears them in almost every music video. And isn’t it funny he wears a wife beater while singing about hitting his girlfriend? HA.

P.S. Mike told me to make it clean that this is not an allegory for our domestic bliss.

Some stills from the video:

4 Responses to “Thank you Interscope for making domestic violence romantic again.”

  1. Terry Clarkson Farrell August 13, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    Alcohol,drugs violence, of all types??? I’m guessing that the artists would say this a cautionary tale an example of whatnot to do but in reality its to glamorous and sexed up. I actually like the actor ( I’m terruible with names!) – but its just very sad because this isn’t going to be seen or discussed nor will it really start ant controversy – young women today to ignore/not regcognize/not get alot of things that they should be screaming about -Our intrepid Mean Girl and her fans seem to be a glaring exception- Some one has to strt a campagin to end the term wife beater- they are tee shirts undershirts tank tops!!! by repeating the other term we are embedding it into the langaige and implying its ok to beat your wife – its subtle but language is a very powerful thing.
    I’m glad you posted this – somebody’s got to shake the tree every now and again

  2. Deb August 16, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    I think the point is that many women keep going back to guys after having been beaten. They believe the lies the guys says like I won’t do it again (chorus – love the way you lie). I thought Mr. Mathers did a nice job in the lyrics about the inner conflict for an abuser. I know a lot of people think the video glorifies abuse, but I think its just a snapshot into this type of relationship. Most of Mather’s stuff is like this – back and forth conflicting thoughts/provocative subject. I liked it. His new Rehab cd is his best in awhile.

  3. Lynette July 10, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    Because pop music is the dead end for creativity, particularly when its quite obvious they’re taking cues from Rihanna who thought it was a brilliant idea to exploit the fact that she got bashed in. I’m sorry, but abuse is a really really old story, thanks to that broad. You write a song about it, great job, but when your entire music career is defined by a really glazed over form of misandry, perhaps you should consider an early retirement. No, I’m not taking this issue lightly, abuse is no joke but I don’t think much of people who tend to define themselves by their misery, instead of oh I don’t know, moving past it?
    Also, Megan Fox really does need to get a good beating. She’s rather annoying.
    Jokes, but I have to say, for the most you think nobody deserves violence but inside, I don’t have much sympathy for women like these who experienced abuse.

  4. Dkick January 7, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

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