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The Decline of Crayons

5 Jan

A few more nuts ago I bought a fresh set of Crayola crayons for this awesome coloring book I bought at Walgreens.

I was so excited to pour back into an old childhood pastime I loved to deeply back in the day.

Finally I got home and set up a very zen coffee table space with a snack, tea and laid everything out. I took a breath and was ready to go.

I opened the fresh pack of crayons and then sought out the perfect page. After a few minutes I found it. I was ready to begin. I picked out a nice red and began.

After half a second of drawing I was in shock. The crayon was garbage. For I minute I thought it must be me. Or just this one crayon. I switched to a green. No. No. Noooo!

It wasn’t me. The cheap bastards at Crayola have changed the recipe. The best crayons ever are now as shitty as those you get for free at TGIFridays. The new Crayola crayons are waxy and almost greasy. They don’t imprint the color like they used to. 

I remember the old Crayolas from when I was 12 or younger and those colors were BOLD on the paper. Now the colors are almost transparent over the paper. It’s gross.

I’m going to find out what these monsters did to my crayons and I’m going to get answers. There was most likely some kind of cost savings that prompted the change but I don’t care. I want my crayons back!!

Oh and it’s not just me:

This may lead to some answers:

Day 1: My Cleanse

5 Jan

I’m on vacation until the 9th of this month so most of my day is spent sleeping. This helps a lot when you’re avoiding food.

Today I had a glass of fresh squeezed OJ, a dozen or so cherries, a peach and a bag of protein chips. That last one technically was against my rules but since this is my cleanse I’ll allow it. Ha. They were super healthy and delicious.

I’ll post weights starting tomorrow on day 2. But I did drop 2.5lbs from last night. So that’s cool.

I also bought a ton of fruit and veg today to make life easier.

Wish me luck!