Day 4: The Cleanse

8 Jan

I ate a bunch more but it was all super healthy and it paid off.

Breakfast was a compilation of fresh OJ, half a small advacado, coffee and almond creamer, and a few other bits I don’t remember but it was all healthy and great.

Lunch was a soy soup and veggies and garlic soy beans. I had half of the soup and veggies. Had a half a Diet Coke again though.

Then dinner was at this fancy vegan place my sister wanted to visit. I have no idea what I ordered but it had mushrooms and it was small. Saved some for leftovers. We also split some nacho thing. Technically that was a foul but I had 4 chips so I’m not that upset. My cleanse my rules.

Then we had a raw faux tiramisu desser. Had half of that too.

Then after we walked around seedy Hollywood and Vine area for an hour then went home.

Once home I had a few bites of leftovers from the soy soup.

Weight last night was 170lbs but I knew it would drop this am and it did to 168.8lbs.

Yay. Good job!

I began the cleanse at 175 in all honesty so this is a big step forward.

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