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Day 13ish: The Cleanse

16 Jan

Sorry about that break. I was busy. Busy eating right and making progress. I couldn’t find time to also blog about it every day. I’ll do what I can blogwise as long as I keep up the actual lifestyle.

Current AM weight was 163.6 lbs

Not bad. I also got sick this last week and haven’t had energy to workout so that’s all by eating. May also be why haven’t blogged bc I’m so tired from being sick.

Ok enough for now. Still tired and sick but yay for progress!

Oh the image? Well it is weird. I found it when I googled “sick with cold thumbs up”. So. Yeah. Banshee rabbit instead. Enjoy.

Day 4: The Cleanse

8 Jan

I ate a bunch more but it was all super healthy and it paid off.

Breakfast was a compilation of fresh OJ, half a small advacado, coffee and almond creamer, and a few other bits I don’t remember but it was all healthy and great.

Lunch was a soy soup and veggies and garlic soy beans. I had half of the soup and veggies. Had a half a Diet Coke again though.

Then dinner was at this fancy vegan place my sister wanted to visit. I have no idea what I ordered but it had mushrooms and it was small. Saved some for leftovers. We also split some nacho thing. Technically that was a foul but I had 4 chips so I’m not that upset. My cleanse my rules.

Then we had a raw faux tiramisu desser. Had half of that too.

Then after we walked around seedy Hollywood and Vine area for an hour then went home.

Once home I had a few bites of leftovers from the soy soup.

Weight last night was 170lbs but I knew it would drop this am and it did to 168.8lbs.

Yay. Good job!

I began the cleanse at 175 in all honesty so this is a big step forward.

The Decline of Crayons

5 Jan

A few more nuts ago I bought a fresh set of Crayola crayons for this awesome coloring book I bought at Walgreens.

I was so excited to pour back into an old childhood pastime I loved to deeply back in the day.

Finally I got home and set up a very zen coffee table space with a snack, tea and laid everything out. I took a breath and was ready to go.

I opened the fresh pack of crayons and then sought out the perfect page. After a few minutes I found it. I was ready to begin. I picked out a nice red and began.

After half a second of drawing I was in shock. The crayon was garbage. For I minute I thought it must be me. Or just this one crayon. I switched to a green. No. No. Noooo!

It wasn’t me. The cheap bastards at Crayola have changed the recipe. The best crayons ever are now as shitty as those you get for free at TGIFridays. The new Crayola crayons are waxy and almost greasy. They don’t imprint the color like they used to. 

I remember the old Crayolas from when I was 12 or younger and those colors were BOLD on the paper. Now the colors are almost transparent over the paper. It’s gross.

I’m going to find out what these monsters did to my crayons and I’m going to get answers. There was most likely some kind of cost savings that prompted the change but I don’t care. I want my crayons back!!

Oh and it’s not just me:

This may lead to some answers:

My Cartoon Cel Collection: Be Awed. Be Very Awed.

5 Sep


Finding Volunteer Work Harder Than Finding a Job. WTF?

3 Sep

Personal Rant Time! Woo-hoo!

I have been trying to get a volunteer gig in my community for the last month and a half and  I have had zero success of actually acquiring one. I guarantee it is not due to me not trying. First there was the Boys and Girl Club. I called and left a message every day for 2 weeks. No reply. Then there was the Vista Sheriff’s Office. These clowns did answer the phone but they said to call the San Diego Sheriff Employee hotline to sort out a volunteer job. Funnily enough I had called THEM a few minutes before and asked about the Vista office. The woman at the San Diego office said there were opportunities and they would have to be sorted out with the Vista Sheriff’s Office. She explained that volunteer programs are setup either through the San Diego Sheriff’s Office or through the individual local offices. Each local office is different in how they accept and manage volunteers. Vista deals with their own volunteers. Which means that the San Diego Sheriff office told me to call Vista Sheriff Office to enquire about volunteer gigs there since the San Diego Sheriff Office has nothing to do with Vista’s Sheriff Office volunteers. (Follow me?) I explained all of this craziness to the Vista Sheriffs Office lady and she said it was not true. The only volunteer jobs she had were for the elderly. I replied with, “So you are telling me that the Vista office does not take on under 65-year-old volunteers?” She replies, “NO THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID. I said that we only have available volunteer jobs for people 65 and older but any other Vista volunteer jobs can be setup through the San Diego Sheriff Office.” Odd since the San Diego Sheriff Office said all volunteer gigs are created and sorted out locally with your branch. I hung up. If this moron would be giving me tasks to do at the local Sheriff Office it’s not worth applying. God knows how shittily the office is run over there. The woman can’t even help sort out volunteers much less crime files and such.

Then there was the Women’s Center which looked promising. They replied to all my emails and did so politely. I was looking to volunteer as a victim advocate. Basically when a woman or girl is admitted to an ER or hospital in regard to a rape or abuse I am called to meet her and support her, and see that her needs are met. Sounds great. Oh wait. What? There is a month training and the next training starts in October. So I would start to volunteer in November earliest. Hmm. Considering I am moving in January. Maybe this isn’t such a fit. Damn.

Then there was the library tutor opportunity. I applied, simple enough. Only 20 pages of paper work. Oh so this also takes a month until I’m called to get a background check. OK. I guess. Then what? I get interviewed, and tested? Interesting. Whatever sure. I am in. Still waiting for the background check call.

It takes me 2 weeks to get called for interviews whenever I seriously apply for jobs. Real jobs. Jobs that pay. Pay money. It has taken me over a month and a half to find work FOR FREE and I am still waiting for a background check. WTF is wrong with this picture?

Why is there a picture of a Hitler cat wearing a bikini at the end of this post? It’s a reward for reading or at least scrolling down the whole of this rant post. Thank you and congratulations!

Mary Woronov: The Woman, The Legend

16 Aug

Mary Woronov

VIDEO of her videos:

You may not recognize her name, but her face and/or voice have probably left an impression on you somewhere along your movie watching journey.

Up until I did some research about her for this post I only knew half of the awesomeness that is she. I knew and loved the b movie queen Mary. I had no idea about the Andy Warhol Silver Factory Mary.

Let’s begin with the B movie queen Mary.

Mary Woronov was brilliant in a shit load of shitty film such as:

The Lady in Red

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Night of the Comet


Chopping Mall



Not to mention the TV shows she was in that we all hate or adore:

Charlie’s Angels

Logan’s Run


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Knight Rider

Mr. Belvedere

Murder, She Wrote

Amazing Stories

Faerie Tale Theatre

St. Elsewhere




Babylon 5

My So-Called Life


Family Matters

Super Duper Supremely Condensed Warhol Connection Explanation

Her cool deep voice, lion-like face and 10″ thick cheek bones made an impression on Andy Warhol when she was young. She went on to be one of his break out stars. Sorta. She was on a bunch of his films and participated in the Velvet Underground as a go-go dancer and personality. She later moved on to films and television after the 1960’s groovy days died out. She went on to be a b movie queen. The Mary most of us (those of us who know who she is to begin with) know and love.

Thanks for all your wonderful work, Mary!

Nice Girl

Great parenting example:

4 Nov

At a convention a few months ago I saw the following:

A kid about 6 years old who had a plastic bag tied around her neck. That’s not the worst part. The plastic bag was filled with comics and a few books. LOL! : (

The wonderful father was walking his daughter around the convention, and using her as some kind of donkey to haul all the crap  he bought at the con.

Had he bought a page at our booth I might not have cared as much, but he didn’t even buy anything from us! Ugh.

See my crappy photoshop skills again to get an idea of what I saw:

Who ya gonna call? C.P.S.!Kids aren’t mules, people!

But if they are used as such than at least use them to hold pages or a cover that you purchased from our booth.

Troll legs…

3 Nov

happen to the best of us. It’s when you have a very large round body and stick thin legs that must use magic to keep your body up.

One terribly photoshopped example.

I wonder if there is some kind of Troll Leg support group out there?

Awww. Bless ’em.

Carson Daly has a HUGE…

25 Sep


My boyfriend, Mike, put it best when he said Carson was a “hammerhead”.

Carson himself:

Did someone squish your cheeks until your forehead expanded?

Did someone squish your cheeks until your forehead expanded?

Oh and he’s a prick as well.

WTF is this?

21 Sep

I received a Crate & Barrel catalogue in the mail and Mike and I saw this:


What the hell is this used for? Why are there spots on it? How is it any better than any other knife??