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The math of the TV show wardrobe:

11 Aug

Smart/lazy  producers decide that some shows should have their lead cast in recognizably similar clothing throughout the season. So that each character remains in your head to appear to remain the same throughout time. Their style and tastes never changing. The producers want you to recognize the character immediately and remember their style as well. Now here are a few examples of this interestingness:

A= Sheldon Cooper– Long sleeved solid shirt under a short sleeved printed shirt, unless he’s wearing a jacket over it of course. With dark straight leg pants, either pattered or solid.

B= Howard Wolowitz– Solid turtle neck under buttoned down collared shirt with maybe a sweater vest thrown in for shits and giggles. He has some dramatic colored pants. Like the red ones seen above.

C= Rajesh Koothrappali– Zip down wind breaker or light jacket over a v-neck sweater over a buttoned down collared shirt. He usually has earth tone pants.

D= Leonard Hofstadter– T-shirt under a hooded zip front sweat shirt (always unzipped), under a jacket. He seems to wear jeans of varying colors, dark brown, blues, and dark greens.

E= Penny– She wears whatever flatters her figure in a cute way, unless she is supposed to look homey/slummy and she is in sweats. It is undeniable she has the largest variety of clothing styles among the whole cast.

Other shows do this too. Just check out some images of your favorite shows online. Not every show does it, but many do. Bet you’ll hate me now because you won’t be able to stop noticing it. Sorry. But it had to be shared.

Ed Hardy hand sanitizer…REALLY?!

5 Aug

What’s next DKNY mouthwash? How does an ugly clothing line based on old tattoo designs make it as far as Ed Hardy has? Madonna has his bags and jackets for Christ’s sake. Although now that I think about it, I haven’t seen nearly as much Ed Hardy around as last year. So maybe the brand is dying out. Than is this hand sanitizer going to bring the clothing line back up through the ranks? Is this their second coming?

I wonder if you get shitty heart and leopard tattoos everywhere that you use the sanitizer? Watch out!

How to embarrass your dog…

19 Apr

Roll over the images to get the funnyness.

Rihanna has ripped off Tank Girl!!

31 Jan

Check out her latest video for her single titled : “Hard”.

Now take a look at this video of Tank Girl:

Just to be clear: Rihanna’s video is a glam rip off of the original Tank Girl style from the comic and the film. What do you think?

Where the f*ck do I get a…

25 Sep

smoking jacket? I don’t smoke but I sure as hell need one. They look so comfy and sleek. Will they make me smarter and do I need those fluffy slippers with the things dangling off them, too?

I’d get a red one. I don’t have any red outerwear so a red smoking jacket would be hip. Yeah. It’s decided.

Prime example.

Prime example.

eBay here I come…

Clothing store or discotheque?

7 Sep

To continue my bitching about A.F. …

The store in NYC looks like an average clothing store on the outside. Except for the male models who hang out and take pics with the hot and flustered 13 year-olds who are about to shop inside for some clothes with their spray-tanned mothers.

Once you walk past the kids posing with models you step into the store and realize there is barely any lighting within. It is like a dance club or even a haunted house. The music is loud as hell too. Not being hip enough to recognize the song or artist I quickly realized today that I’m not getting younger. Damn that was fast.

Once you reach the jeans area, you notice that the jeans are in some kind of glass a and wood display case. Much like sea food is displayed at your local grocery store. Hehehehe…Fishy jeans. Eww.

The stairs within the store are apparently its main source of light. These stairs are lit from underneath with glass steps and metal framing.

Let’s not forget that most of the employees there look like models too.

I think A.F. execs. should decide to serve alcoholic drinks within the stores. They have models, mood lighting and loud hip music and the place is filled with skinny young kids and their wealthy mothers. Why not add a cocktail bar?

“I’ll take a Madison dark wash size 12 and, a Appletini, please.”

Traitor is me.

7 Sep

I had to pick up a few new pairs of jeans today due to the old ones being worn away at the inner thigh. (See post called “Jeans”.)


I have to point out that EVERY time I have to go out and shop for jeans: I first take a moment to consider other options, like suicide and cutting off my legs. But today I decided I will try and avoid the painful trying on and failing, and crying, and screaming in the stores’ changing rooms. So today I realized that I had to go to a store that I had NEVER shopped at before.

So I went to … (shameful nodding of head) Abercrombie and Fitch. I know. I know!

A.F. and I have been mortal enemies since I first saw yuppy kids wearing A.F. in high school.

To get to the point…

I tried on a pair and guess what? They fit like a self loathing glove.

I have officially sold out my fashion morals for jeans that fit. Shoot me now. No! Wait! I have to put on the new A.F. jeans first. I look so hot in them.

Why all kids dress alike…

6 Sep

I saw these kids walking along the street in NYC. DONT TELL ME you don’t think they are dressed nearly the same. Not to mention they will apparently continue that trend with their newly purchased wardrobes from the Gap.

Gap gang.

P.S. The two on the left are doing that orange shirt thing I love so much.

Miscellaneous warning about ugly jewelry:

3 Sep

Big ugly charms on string around your neck. It better be either mystical in origin or have been passed down by some ancestor of yours who you have some interesting personality connection with. Otherwise, no excuses, remove immediatly!


Adult males…

2 Sep

who wear light khaki pants with leather belts and polos: If you’re not a real estate broker in flyover states than you’re not allowed. Sorry. That goes for you too, Dad.

Official Khaki Pants Map