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Things that gross me out to no end:

2 Nov

In no particular order…

1. Food particles in one’s beard:

Room for seconds?

2. Mounds of dirt under fingernails ((especially when I have to exchange something with that person (although oddly the dirt doesn’t deter me away enough to not accept money from them. Weird, huh?))

Where is the hand sanitizer?

3. People who cut their finger nails waaay too short. They almost look like E.T. fingers. (Shudder)

Oh god. He's touching the kid's face with his gross creepy finger.

4. Other people’s computer keyboards. Especially if they are dirty/sticky or moist. Come on people! Clean those boards!

I think that keyboard has the Ebola Virus.

Carson Daly has a HUGE…

25 Sep


My boyfriend, Mike, put it best when he said Carson was a “hammerhead”.

Carson himself:

Did someone squish your cheeks until your forehead expanded?

Did someone squish your cheeks until your forehead expanded?

Oh and he’s a prick as well.

Soy milk and instant pudding…

24 Sep

don’t mix well.

Or at all.

I wasted a whole packet of instant pudding the other day when I made the mistake of using soy milk instead of regular milk. Being lactose intolerant I thought it would be fancy cool of me to be able to enjoy my lovely instant pudding recipe without the pain in the belly side effects that usually follow. After mixing them and waiting about an hour I was sadly disappointed and very pissed off. The concoction I’d created resembled only pudding mixed with water. Not creamy luscious pudding.

Later, I googled “soy milk and instant pudding” and found out it was a failure of a recipe because there are not enough solids in soy milk.


The fat in milk is what makes the instant pudding turn into pudding. Of course that little fact is from some dude living in his mom’s basement. (Probably.)

Why can't you two get along?

Why can't you two get along?

I swear to god…

16 Sep

I passed by someone today that reeked of condoms. The smell was so powerful I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d bought a 10 pack and opened each one and rubbed it all over themselves. Do they think the smell will subconsciously tell people that they are responsible sexers?

Do not use these as cologne!

Buy some cK1 or Brut it’s only 10 bucks.

Men with….

2 Sep

lady fingers and hands. Ewww.

Sorry, guys.

Background Actors…

2 Sep

who went through the trouble of getting a facelift. I don’t get it. We’re most likely not going to see your face anyway. It’s not like a casting director will see the film/show and say, “Hey! Who is that woman with their face parted like the Red Sea! I need HER for my next billion dollar picture!” Not too likely.