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I have too much…

24 Sep

time on my hands.

Waaaaaay too much time.

The shoes make him look like a person. Ha.

The Japanification of toys…

17 Sep

has ruined the doll and toy industry. Some toys, dolls, and figures DON’T NEED TO LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS!!

Several kid’s toys nowadays have been made to look like anime characters. WTF?!

See visuals below…





These toys and many others have been given oversized eyes and heads. Not only do these not look like real pets, they look like they’re high too.

I have nothing against anime. I love Japan and Japanese toys and such. But DAMN, why is the look spreading to ALL the toys EVERYWHERE?

All of the toys are starting to look alike. Big head + big eyes + tiny neck + medium body= most toys right now

Sad is me.