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Want to know why there are so many DC references and so few Marvel ones on “The Big Bang Theory”? Find out here!

14 Sep

Warner Brothers owns the show and Warner Brothers owns DC Comics. Marvel Comics is the major competition of DC Comics. The end.

The math of the TV show wardrobe:

11 Aug

Smart/lazy  producers decide that some shows should have their lead cast in recognizably similar clothing throughout the season. So that each character remains in your head to appear to remain the same throughout time. Their style and tastes never changing. The producers want you to recognize the character immediately and remember their style as well. Now here are a few examples of this interestingness:

A= Sheldon Cooper– Long sleeved solid shirt under a short sleeved printed shirt, unless he’s wearing a jacket over it of course. With dark straight leg pants, either pattered or solid.

B= Howard Wolowitz– Solid turtle neck under buttoned down collared shirt with maybe a sweater vest thrown in for shits and giggles. He has some dramatic colored pants. Like the red ones seen above.

C= Rajesh Koothrappali– Zip down wind breaker or light jacket over a v-neck sweater over a buttoned down collared shirt. He usually has earth tone pants.

D= Leonard Hofstadter– T-shirt under a hooded zip front sweat shirt (always unzipped), under a jacket. He seems to wear jeans of varying colors, dark brown, blues, and dark greens.

E= Penny– She wears whatever flatters her figure in a cute way, unless she is supposed to look homey/slummy and she is in sweats. It is undeniable she has the largest variety of clothing styles among the whole cast.

Other shows do this too. Just check out some images of your favorite shows online. Not every show does it, but many do. Bet you’ll hate me now because you won’t be able to stop noticing it. Sorry. But it had to be shared.

Thieves!!!!!!! (Maybe.)

2 Aug

This is the Dexter title sequence we all know and love…

Now THIS is the tv spot for the next season of Project Runway…

Anyone else see the ripoffness? Well either the Project Runway crew realized they could reinvent Dexter’s titles to suit their show OR they hired the same people to do THEIR tv spot. And if the same people did both things than that is cool but lame. Cool because the gimmick is great and awesome looking and they should enjoy their neat creative idea, and lame because they should be able to do something just as cool but different for a totally different show instead of ripoffing their own work.

I will investigate and let you know if it’s the same people who did both. (When I get around to it.)


The Dexter titles were created by Digital Kitchen (They also did True BloodNip/Tuck, and Six Feet Under‘s title sequences) and the Project Runway one was done by…undetermined. POO!

The Digital Kitchen website says nothing about the Project Runway spot. Check out their site yourself: http://www.d-kitchen.com/projects

Oh well…I will keep you updated.

“Cable Guy” and “The Truman Show”…

8 Oct

end the exact same way. Has anyone else noticed this?

Here is a link to each ending.

Go to 4:10 then watch until 5:15.

So what happened here?

Well the programming everyone was glued to on TV was interrupted by Jim Carrey and the screen went snowy. Finally all the viewers then had to find something else to do. Also, someone hit their TV to see it that would help with the snow.

Now let’s see how “The Truman Show” ends.

Start at 5:30 and watch to the end.

We see another montage of tv viewers eagerly awaiting the conclusion of their programming, and eventually the screen goes snowy and no more TV. The viewers again have to find something else to do. Also, someone else hit their TV to see if that would help.

Let’s work this out a bit:

“Cable Guy” was made first. So… did “The Truman Show” writer see “Cable Guy” and rip off the ending? The ending of “Cable Guy” is basically the whole of “The Truman Show”. (That whole: people are too dependent on TV, and need to get out and live their lives thing.) So maybe “T.T.S” writer saw “C.G” and thought,”Yeah. People are way too dependent on TV. What if I wrote a film script about a TV show that combined the whole ‘everyone is an actor in my life but me thing’ and that whole ‘People are too dependent on TV thing’. I’ll make billions!! And maybe I can get Jim Carrey in on it too. Cool.”

That’s my guess. Any other assumptions?