“Cable Guy” and “The Truman Show”…

8 Oct

end the exact same way. Has anyone else noticed this?

Here is a link to each ending.

Go to 4:10 then watch until 5:15.

So what happened here?

Well the programming everyone was glued to on TV was interrupted by Jim Carrey and the screen went snowy. Finally all the viewers then had to find something else to do. Also, someone hit their TV to see it that would help with the snow.

Now let’s see how “The Truman Show” ends.

Start at 5:30 and watch to the end.

We see another montage of tv viewers eagerly awaiting the conclusion of their programming, and eventually the screen goes snowy and no more TV. The viewers again have to find something else to do. Also, someone else hit their TV to see if that would help.

Let’s work this out a bit:

“Cable Guy” was made first. So… did “The Truman Show” writer see “Cable Guy” and rip off the ending? The ending of “Cable Guy” is basically the whole of “The Truman Show”. (That whole: people are too dependent on TV, and need to get out and live their lives thing.) So maybe “T.T.S” writer saw “C.G” and thought,”Yeah. People are way too dependent on TV. What if I wrote a film script about a TV show that combined the whole ‘everyone is an actor in my life but me thing’ and that whole ‘People are too dependent on TV thing’. I’ll make billions!! And maybe I can get Jim Carrey in on it too. Cool.”

That’s my guess. Any other assumptions?

One Response to ““Cable Guy” and “The Truman Show”…”

  1. TheCatanese October 20, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    I was just about to write the same exact thing…I just realized it as I’m watching Cable Guy right now 🙂

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