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Time to get my lazy ass back on track!

4 Jan

It’s that time again. Time for New Years goals about life long health alterations to live better, longer and thinner. 

These are most often broken after a few weeks or even days. But I’ve actually don’t this before and stuck with it for a few months and even once for several years. 

So join me, or don’t (whatever), on a very honest very boring journey into my fitness and diet alterations for a better, longer and thinner me.

Start date is 1/4/17.

Start weight. Ugh. Well keep that private for now. Give me a few days to get that down to my pre holiday average. Should be there in 2 days.

I will begin this path with a juice cleanse for 10 days. My version of a juice cleanse also allows for raw fruit and veg. Nothing else though. The raw food is really only allowed to avoid hunger pains and dietary boredom which can lead to breaking the whole thing off.

I plan to work out 2x a day. I hate working out at least until I get into the rhythm.

I’ll post at the end of each day with weight, meals and workout updates.

Since some people hate this type of nonsense I’ll also add a separate fun post daily having nothing to do with food etc. Something like “Who is my favorite serial killer and why?” or “What would happen if I lived a day like a character out of Always Sunny? Let’s find out!” or “RuPaul, please be my second mom and teach me to be an adult woman because you do it better than most naturally born women I know”.
Ok it’s about 3am so I’m out.


Celebs who creepily look alike #1:

7 Dec

Peter Dinklage (Elf/Death at a Funeral)


Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia):

This particular case is interesting because if you actually saw them in person, you wouldn’t confuse the two.

This is why:

See Mr. McElhenney with some fellow “Sunny” cast members:

Notice Mr. Dinklage with a  “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” costar at New York Comic Con:

I’ve hope you’ve caught the difference and don’t mistake them in public. It might make for a bad first impression on your part to confuse them.