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If I had a zillion bucks…

15 Sep

I’d build a building out of gold and crystal and pearls. Kind of like how the new 13 ghosts’ house was but fancier with actual gold.

13 Ghosts' Crib

Princess Mombi’s palace is awesome too. I would steal the mirror look.

Mombi's Crib

Follow me to where the magic happens. Wink wink.

I am taking donations starting now via cash sent to my apartment. Checks are accepted, too. (As long as you mail a photocopy of your Driver’s License with it.)

I wish I had…

15 Sep

a HUMONGOUS room with 2 full sized gingerbread houses in it, and each house had its own witch living inside it. One would be the witch from the Cannon Movie Tales’ Hansel and Gretel (played by Cloris Leachman) and the other would be the Faerie Tale Theatre’s witch from H&G (played by Joan Collins).  They would hate eachother but both love me. And they’d cook for me all the time.

I’d be like their witchy god daughter.
Witch Joan Cloris witch

A girl can dream…(sigh)