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What not to wear outside your room:

1 Sep

Plain orange t-shirts. Why? Because they look shitty, look at this guy:


1 Foot=6 Toes??

1 Sep

People with 6 or more toes on one foot who wear open toed shoes…why? To advertise?

Show off.

Brand New Baseball Caps

1 Sep

One thing I’ve seen and don’t understand is when men buy baseball caps and leave the advertisment stickers on. I know they’re shiny and all, but still…

How many stickers is too much?:  One.

How many stickers are too many? Answer: One.

Welcome! Prepare to either be offended or laugh, or BOTH!

1 Sep

I’m just a run of the mill nice young lady who every so often wants to punch her fist through the person walking too slow in front of her. This blog is just another place for me to bitch about stuff that ticks me off. If you like any of my enteries than feel free to laugh.


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