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Fellow Paranoid Ladies:

2 Sep

If you’re a girl walking down the street alone and you see more than 3 guys walking toward you, do you also think: “Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have left my machete at home tonight.” ?

Just me and my machete.


2 Sep

I’m actually a very nice, sweet  young lady. Except for that tiny tiny peice of my head that produces, write and maintains this blog.

I semi apologize on its behalf.

Sooooorry. Sorta.

Adult males…

2 Sep

who wear light khaki pants with leather belts and polos: If you’re not a real estate broker in flyover states than you’re not allowed. Sorry. That goes for you too, Dad.

Official Khaki Pants Map

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

2 Sep

Be Buffy again!!!

Thank you, have a nice day.

We miss you!!

Music blows donkey balls now a days.

2 Sep

Who told the 90’s to stop making music? Dick.

Men with….

2 Sep

lady fingers and hands. Ewww.

Sorry, guys.

Clothing brands that lie about sizes:

2 Sep

If you say “10” but only fit a girl who wears “6”, you’re a lying peice of shit! Telling me I’m fat when I’m just…plump. FUCK YOU!

I can always trust you, handy measuring tape!

I can always trust YOU, handy measuring tape!