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“Don’t run with scissors”…

18 Sep

I can agree to that.

“Don’t intentionally stab other kids while pretending it was a ‘running with scissors’ incident.” Also agree.

Dreams are either…

18 Sep

your friends or your enemies.

Every night they choose which side they’re on, and you fall asleep expecting a nice dream or none at all. Then BAM! SCORPIONS!! WTF, dream?! Why did you turn on me? The night before last was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed that cotton candy cloud dream the other night. I thought we had something together? I guess you’re just going to always be a rogue. But I still love you, dream.

Without you I am just boring rule bound reality.

Why does every house…

18 Sep

with a couple who share a bed have at least one pillow on the bed that no one wants?

This innocent runt pillow will end up being used but only if it is bitched about by one of the members of the couple and the other member wants to shut them up so they trade for the runt pillow.

Good Pillows:

Bad Pillow:

Thank you other member of my couple. I do hate that pillow. Yet I am stubborn enough to not go out and buy a better pillow to replace it with.

(Neither of the pictures are of my pillows. My pillows, even the runt, are camera shy.)

My first time…

18 Sep

making a video.