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Toy commercials…

16 Sep

seem to have disappeared off the face of TV. WTF happened?!

I used to love those “Littlest Pet Shop”, “Nerf”, “Hot Wheels” commercials, AND TOYS!

Maybe I’ll catch a commercial for some toy every other other month but the new toys look like shit!

Although everyone is sick of hearing it it’s true: video games have ruined kids. “Non-screen entertainment” ™  doesn’t interest kids in the least anymore.

Littlest Pet Shop

Before (when it ruled):

You rule!

Now (when it sucks):


Korean BBQ…

16 Sep

is the best thing human’s have ever created, with no exception.

When ordering this delightful godsend you are  basicly choosing chicken, shrimp and/or beef for the main dish to BBQ.

The tables in these magnificent restaurants have a hole in the middle where the BBQ is BBQ’d. There’s a grill there and either charcoal or a gas fire is set in this hole (in your table).

Then before your main dish is brought out to cook at your table, you get about 10-20 plates of mini-dishes. This things can be eaten separately or BBQ’d or eaten with a mouthful of your favorite BBQ’d dish.

These mini-dishes range from spicy lettuce stuff to octopus to bok choy to other stuff I can’t spell/pronounce. But it all tastes GREAT!!!

Heaven is real, and it's at a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Thanks to Nina for taking me to Heaven in Queens!!

Wouldn’t it be funny…

16 Sep

if someone had the balls to tell Sarah Silverman she’s only funny every other other time?

Sorry. But you know it's true.

Sookie Stackhouse is…

16 Sep

supposed to be plump(ish). FUUUUUUUUUCK YOU, TV producers.

Skinny bitch.Book Sookie.

I swear to god…

16 Sep

I passed by someone today that reeked of condoms. The smell was so powerful I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d bought a 10 pack and opened each one and rubbed it all over themselves. Do they think the smell will subconsciously tell people that they are responsible sexers?

Do not use these as cologne!

Buy some cK1 or Brut it’s only 10 bucks.