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Canvassers who…

19 Sep

leave garbage on my street from their day of standing there and pestering pedestrians to vote for their candidate burst my bubble (in a mean angry way).

W(ho)TF do you think you are, messy canvasser?

I wonder what would happen if I call the candidate’s office and complain? Explaining that my future vote will never go to them due to their canvasser’s lack of concern for my neighborhood. I might even tell the office I was going to call a news channel regarding my concern for the candidate’s true affection for my neighborhood. THEN would they care?

Sadly, I am too much of a lazy ass to really do any of that. I would rather bitch online.

Enjoy the photo I took of a fellow concerned citizen:

I know! I think they need to clean it up too.

I know! I think they need to clean it up too.

Taxes can suck my…

19 Sep

…well they just suck.

If you make say…$12,000 in a single check they take out about $6,000!!! YES $6,000.                                                                     NOT $600 BUT $6,000.

Let me make sure this is perfectly clear.

If you make twelve THOUSAND dollars in one check. The taxes taken out can equal six THOUSAND dollars.


It was fun while it lasted.

It was fun while it lasted.



Gnat orgies…

19 Sep

gross me out. Because I always walk straight into them.

What the hell?!

Get a hotel you sickos! And why do you ALWAYS swarm right in the middle of a walkway?

Public display of affection=OK. Public sex orgies=Not OK.

Worst part of it all: Half the time 10 fly into my mouth. Not what I consider a yummy snack, thank you.

I think I got some in my mouth. Gross.


You sick, sick perverted bugs.

W(hy)TF are pennies…

19 Sep

the only coins you find while cleaning?

Nearly every time I clean the apartment I come across a bunch of coins. But EVERY ONE is a freaking PENNY!! WTF?!

Why no quarters, no dimes, not even any nickels?

Are all the quarters hiding? Have they ganged up against the pennies and made them stay out in the open to be picked up by me when I clean, while they hide under the bed safe and sound from my thrifty paws?

Go away pennies! Come back when you've matured into quarters.

Quarters are vicious self preserving little bastards.